LEGOLAND Dubai at Dubai Parks and Resorts

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LEGOLAND Dubai was originally intended to be built as part of the Dubailand resort experience, however a change in the plan in 2016 meant that LEGOLAND Dubai decided to become part of Dubai Parks and Resorts and now hosted six amazing sections, with over 40 Lego themed rides and attractions, perfect for families and children aged 2 years to 12 years.

LEGOLAND Dubai is divided into these six sections:

  1. Factory
  2. Lego City
  3. Imagination
  4. Kingdoms
  5. Adventure
  6. Miniland

A day out at LEGOLAND Dubai will certainly win you enough good-dad points to spend some time relaxing on some of the best golf courses in the country, try out some of the golf course in Dubai if you’re up for something special.


LEGOLAND Factory is one of the best and first things to do when you visit LEGOLAND Dubai.  You can see how Lego bricks are created, how it all works together and, at the end, have your own personal Lego brick created which you can keep.  Definitely a cool experience for everyone.

Lego City

Lego City is your chance to live out your fantasies in a real life scale model Lego City.  You can take lessons in Driving School, Junior Driving School for the little ones or Boating School.  You can try out some of the cool Lego jobs like Lego City Airport, Rescue Academy, Lego City Stage for the performers, Lego Police Headquarters or even try out the Lego Sea Port.  Try out the Lego Driving School to earn a Lego Driving License.

LEGOLAND Imagination

Take control of your imagination at LEGOLAND Imagination and put your most creative foot forward.  Build and design your own Lego Machines, creations and more and see how well they perform.  You can build a car and then race it or try out the Lego Robotics classes at LEGOLAND Imagination.  The younger ones can try out the Lego Duplo attractions here, like the Duplo Playtown and Duplo Express.


Test your mettle in LEGOLAND Kingdoms as you’re whisked back to a medieval setting and go up against the Dragon and Merlin’s magic.  You can also take part in:

  • Merlin’s Challenge
  • Castle
  • The Dragon
  • The Dragon’s Apprentice
  • Merlin’s Flying Machines
  • Builder’s Guild
  • Castle Stage

Miniland at LEGOLAND

Create your very own skyline with Miniland at LEGOLAND, where you can either take a look at Dubai’s scale skyline made out of 20,000,000 Lego bricks or you can jump onto the 10-metre long play table with all white bricks and build something for yourself.

LEGOLAND Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone at LEGOLAND gives you the opportunity to try out some of the more daring adventures on offer at LEGOLAND Dubai.  You can take part in:

  • Submarine Adventure
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure
  • Beetle Bounce
  • Wave Racers
  • Pharaoh’s Revenge
  • The Secret Chamber of Amset-Ra.


Your ticket for LEGOLAND Dubai will cost around 235 AED (£48) for unlimited access to all rides and attractions for 1 whole day.

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